The Fate of Teebeth


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You stand in a surprisingly long, quiet room that runs the length of this side of Cair Paravel’s west wing.  The room is narrow in shape, and thus appears to be more of a long, unusually wide corridor.  Someone has constructed a series of shelves along the north wall, under tiny windows that let in only enough light to see by.  Torchwicks line the south wall that can be lit for additional illumination, and under them sit several wooden tables and accompanying benches.

The floors are bare, so your footfalls send hollow-sounding echoes through the marble walls.  There are archways at the southeast and west ends of the room — the west archway leading into the northwest tower, and the southeast archway leading into the common gallery.


,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],

You can go: Common Gallery <SE>, Northwest Tower <W>

Mateo is sat at a table at the library, he is reading a book which appears to be on the various peoples of Narnia.

Chlamash enters the Library and nods his greeting to the Librarian as he passes. He heads towards a nearby table with a book that seems to be about ancient Narnian history before the winter. It has quite a weathered look to it.

Mateo looks up at the sound of footsteps and stands, giving the entering Tarkaan a bow.

Chlamash doesn’t seem to notice Mateo until he draws closer to his desk, he gives a nod of greeting and makes a motion for Mateo to sit.

Mateo takes a seat as he’s instructed, though when he speaks his voice is tinged with uncertainty, as if not sure he should be, “I trust the day finds you well, Tarkaan?”

Chlamash says, “It does indeed. I trust the same is well for you as well.”

Mateo nods, “Yes, it does, thank you”

Chlamash nods, glancing to his companion reading of choice. “And have you found anything of interest?”

Mateo nods, “I was just reading about the people of Narnia, Tarkaan, all the different types”

Chlamash raises an eyebrow, but more in interest than surprise. “Indeed?”

Mateo nods, “Fauns at the moment, I met one yesterday you see”

Chlamash hmms, “Indeed. Interesting creatures are they not? I myself met one shortly after the great autumn feast.”

You say, “She seemed cheerful”

Chlamash says, “Yes, I believe they are given to be so. Did she offer you wine as well?””

Mateo shakes his head, “No, she didn’t, it was just along the road though”

Chlamash nods, turning to his book. “And how does your Lord fare? I trust all is well with him?”

You say, “His Grace fares well.”

Chlamash nods, “Such is good to hear. Do you think His Grace will wish to make a long sojourn?

You say, “That all depends on him, tarkaan, though he did say we might be here a fair while.”

Chlamash nods, opening the book before him.

Mateo hesitates, “Might I ask…” pose trails off, unsure.

Chlamash glances up from the book before him with a quizzical glance.

Mateo looks a little embarrassed, “Well, you did, if you don’t mind Tarkaan… Well, you’d mentioned a story of a battle?”

Chlamash says, “Indeed, I believe such was mentioned. Do you now wish to hear a tale or two?””

You say, “If it’s not too much of a bother”

Chlamash nods, closing the book before him. He takes a pipe from a small pouch at this waist and fills it.

Mateo watches with interest, now remaining silent in anticipation of a story.

Chlamash takes a match from the pouch and lights it and he thoughtfully considers. “Hmmm There have been many battle and wars under the Tisroc. Shall I tell you of the taking of Teebeth? Or of our grand victory at Zalindruh? No, perhaps I shall tell you of our fight against the western rebels.”

You ask, “Oh, I’m not sure where those places are… How about Teebeth, that sounds interesting?”

Chlamash glances to Mateo, “Zalinreh was a little land under her own disorganized rule. The possession of a lessor lord of a lesser land. Teebeth, the capital city of Tisroc’s enemy. Both now prosper under the Tisroc’s rule.” He thinks for a moment, “Now where should I begin…” This he says more to himself than to his companion.

Mateo nods a little as he listens, waiting for the main part of the story to begin.

Lanisen steps into the library, the heavy door closing softly behind him, carrying two cups of tea. He turns aside to talk briefly with the Faun attendant at her desk and leaves one cup of tea with her before moving on. He looks toward Chlamash and Mateo curiously.

Chlamash pauses in his tale and glances up as he hears the sound of footsteps. “Good Afternoon, Lanisen.”

You exclaim, “Hello Lanisen!”

Lanisen halts and bows slightly, careful of his tea. “Good afternoon, sir, Mateo.”

You say, “The Tarkaan was just about to tell me about a battle.”

Chlamash nods briefly, taking his pipe from his mouth to release a puff of air and looks to Lanisen for his reaction. However there is closed and shuttered in his eyes as he does.

Lanisen asks, “Oh? What battle?”

You say, “He said it was a place called Teebeth”

Chlamash says, “Man-at-Arms Mateo of His Grace’s retinue expressed an interest in the stories of my homeland and it’s battles.” Though He says this with easy, there is something about him that seems to tense with expectation. ”

Lanisen says, “Sounds, sounds interestin’.”

Chlamash says, “Indeed? I will begin then.” He settles himself in his chair and places his pipe in his mouth again. ”

Mateo turns his attention back to the tarkaan, listening once more.

Lanisen hesitates, and then takes a chair nearby to listen, cupping his mug in his hands.

Chlamash says, “Some years ago, when I was a younger than I am now, there rose a king against the power of the empire. I do not recall his name and it does not matter now. Such had been the insult against the Tisroc that it could not be let stand. For some weeks, we pressed forward gaining more and more territory, till at least we reached it. Teebeth, the capital city.””

Mateo nods, listening attentively.

Lanisen rests his elbows on his knees and listens.

Chlamash says, “For many weeks we had fought, both on open land and within the towns, and now we had come to it. ”

Lanisen shifts and glances toward the shelf that holds maps.

Chlamash says, “The army had barracaded themselves behind the gates of the city, hoping withstand the siege, but in the end they were forced to face us. They were no match against our calvary and the power of our charioters. For weeks they had withstood our siege, but in the end they for forced to surrender to the might of the empire. Many young Tarkaans won great honour that day. ”

Mateo listens, waiting to see if there was more said before asking questions.

Lanisen’s forehead furrows slightly at this.

Chlamash sighs in that might be satisfaction, “I shall no soon forget that day nor the thrill of victory which flowed through all our veins. It was a great victory and we celebrated that night. It was not long after I recieved my first command of men.”

Lanisen asks, “What did they do, sir?”

Chlamash turns to Lanisen, “They were foot soldiers for the emperor’s armies.”

You ask, “Did the taking of the capital mean the entire place was took, Tarkaan?”

Lanisen says, “I meant, I meant…”

Chlamash looks to Mateo as he speaks, “Our campaign was finshed but a few short weeks afterward.” He turns again to Lanisen, waiting as he pulls his thoughts together.

Mateo nods and gives Lanisen an enquiring look.

Lanisen says, “The… the country you were fighting with, what did they do?”

Chlamash says, “They had become a threat to the empire, raising an army. Constantly raiding our borders. Mocking our sovernty.””

Lanisen says, “I see.”

You ask, “What’s it like there now?”

Chlamash says, “The are a prosperous part of the empire.”

Lanisen looks troubled.

Mateo seems to accept this.

Chlamash looks to Lanisen who has gone quiet.

Lanisen frowns down at his tea absently, then takes a drink.

You ask, “Do these kind of battles happen a lot, Tarkaan?”

Chlamash glances at Mateo, taking long than usual to reply. “Not of late, unless there are rebellions to put down. There was a great uprising some years ago, but that is another story.”

Chlamash asks, “Do you seek to learn of Calormen?”

Mateo nods, “I’ll admit I’m interested”

Lanisen rubs his shoulder and keeps quiet.

Chlamash says, “Indeed? Perhaps I shall be able to enlighten you on this matter while you are present” He pauses, glancing towards his friend. A guarded expression crosses his face as he observed Lanisen rub his shoulder.”

Mateo says, “I’d like that, if it’s not too much trouble for you, Tarkaan” He follows Chalamash’s gaze to Lanisen, giving him a curious look

Lanisen, realizing both men are looking at him, looks up uncertainly.

You ask, “Are you ok?”

Lanisen says, “I–” His eyes dart between them. “Yes, of course, I was just–”

Mateo looks concerned, watching him.

Chlamash says, “Forgive me, my friend. I did not mean to stare, I was merely curious for I feared I had offended you with my tale.””

You feel a little hungry.

Lanisen says, “No…” and hesitates. He rubs at one scarred wrist. “I was– I was wonderin’ if that… Is that what would have happened to Archenland, if Anvard fell? Would we have become a– a… prosperous part of the empire, too?”

Mateo now looks to Chlamash curiously.

Chlamash says, “Anvard? Is that the city that you are come from? I am not certain… I have yet to visit your great city.””

Lanisen pauses, made uncertain by Chlamash’s ignorance. “It’s– it’s the castle,” he says. “Prince Rabadash attacked it with his cavalry, it’s been– three years ago now. You didn’t– you didn’t know?”

Chlamash glances down to the book before him, motioning to the book on the table before him, and those nearby “I may have read something of the matter in one of the Narnian records.”

Lanisen says, “Oh.”

Mateo seems… Genuinely surprised, watching Chlamash and how he acts.

A man from the Duke’s entourage walks into the library and casts a look about. He gives an apologetic bow to Chamash and speaks to Mateo in a low voice. Mateo stands and, after giving a polite bow to the Tarkaan he says to the other two, “I’m terribly sorry, something’s come up that needs my attention, goodbye”


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