A Warrior in Action

Practice Grounds


You find yourself on a pretty, grassy lawn that runs along the north side of Cair Paravel’s main tower.  Most of it has been trampled quite a bit by feet and hooves of various sizes, as it’s been used as a training field for Cair Paravel’s resident knights.  There are a number of flagstone paths, though, that run around the perimeter toward some outbuildings.  There is a stable to the north, a wide, stocky watchtower to the northeast, and to the distant east at the end of the peninsula, the naval pier is being constructed. You can see the ocean beyond, stretching out in its twinkly blueness toward the horizon.  There isn’t much of a beach that you can detect from here, though.

A door in the north tower leads back into the castle.


You can go: Enter the Tower Yard <NE>, Toward the Stable <N>, Enter the North Tower <W>

Mateo is sat by the edge of the field, he’s sipping some water from a water skin. On his lap is a wooden practice sword. He looks as if he’s just been practicing.

Deonyc comes walking from the tower to the north east, he is carrying a staff heading towards the practice grounds

Chlamash makes his way into the training grounds surveying those practicing and those in combat, and nodding to a few familiar faces.

Mateo waves to Deonyc as he passes and is about to call out when he spots Chlamash, he stands and offers a bow to the Tarkaan.

Deonyc notices Mateo and the trakaan and bows likewise, waiting for mate to speak first he rests his staff.

Mateo says, “Good day, Tarkaan” before addressing Deonyc with a cheerful hello.

Deonyc smiles to mateo, “Back from your trip already?”

Chlamash doesn’t notice Deonyc or Mateo right away, making his way to speak with a badger with nods and offers him a average looking narnian sword from the armory. He turns at the call acknowlaging Mateo with a nod.

You say, “Oh yes, I have, I got a guided tour and everything, it was great”

Deonyc smiles, “Im glad to hear that!”

Chlamash listens quietly as the two guardsmen converse.

Mateo nods, “Ended up going to Stormness, well who would pass up a wolf tour?”

Deonyc asks, “Who was your guide?”

You say, “Crenna, her name was”

Deonyc nods, “I have met her.”

Chlamash offers the badger a nod of thanks, moving away to begin practice warmups though still in earshot of the two talking.

Mateo says in a curious tone, “Oh yes?” he can’t help but watch Chlamash with some curiosity.

Deonyc says, “I have met her accompanying Dreygan twice so far.”

You say, “I never met him.”

Deonyc says, “Dreygan? He’s blind I actually think, or half that is, he’s a curious wolf.”

Mateo nods, “Well, fair enough I guess”

Chlamash shortly finishes to the two guardsmen, and moving back towards them. “I do not wish to interup your most esteemable conversation, guardsmen. But perhaps I might request of you a spar, as I did in the garden?”

Mateo stands a little straighter as he’s approached, “If that is what you wish”

Chlamash inclines his head, offering a short bow.

Chlamash says, “It would be an honor.”

Mateo offers a bow of his own and collects the practice sword, making to follow Chlamash back to the field.

Deonyc leans on his staff interested he goes to a spot where he can watch.

Chlamash leads Mateo to a short distance away, which will not be in the way of others sparring.

That weapon is a good size for you.

Mateo follows him and, once there, he takes up a defensive stance and waits.

Chlamash takes out his Scimitar, standing ready for combat.

Chlamash bows to his opponent, taking up a defensive stance as well.

Mateo strikes out with a quick thrust, hoping to catch him off guard.

The spar goes on for a while until…

Mateo only barley manages to deflect an oncoming blow and takes several steps backwards, lowering his guard and raising a hand, “I yield”

Chlamash lowers his blade and bows, “You spar well, Guardsman. You are, I am sure, credit to his grace.”

Mateo grins a little, catching his breath, “Thank you, Tarkaan, it was a good match”

Deonyc watches the two finish the fight and nods, an interesting fight.

Deonyc gets up and looks to other fresher combatants he might sparr with.

Chlamash says, “A good spar indeed. The gods have favored my blade this day, perhaps another they will favor yours.””

Mateo inclines his head, still recuperating, “Perhaps one day” He does look look up though with a mixture of curiosity and confusion asking before he can stop himself, “Which Gods?”

Deonyc sees the conversation turn interesting and thinks it better to listen rather than sparr now.

Chlamash looks at Mateo a mixture of surprise and intrigue at his question,  “Why the gods of battle and of swiftness. The gods of my homeland.”

Mateo nods in realisation, “Oh yes, I think I heard about this, Calormen has many gods I hear”

Chlamash nods, “Indeed you have heard correctly.”

Mateo says without thinking, “Are they real?” he then realises that he did, goes a little flushed from embarrassment and quickly says, “Uh, sorry, Tarkaan, that was a stupid…”

Chlamash makes a dismissive motion with his hand seeming be willing to forgive and forget.

Mateo continues to look sheepish and embarrassed.

Chlamash says, “Worry not, I shall think no more of it.”

You say, “Thank you, Tarkaan”

Deonyc listens for a short while before going into a sparr with a guardsfaun

Chlamash nods, to Deonyc as he leaves to Spar. “If you will excuse me, I have something I must attend too. Perhaps we may speak again of my homeland at a later time?”

Mateo bows, he seems cheered by this, “I would like that, Tarkaan”

Chlamash nods, inclining his head to Mateo. “Untill then Guardsman Mateo.”

You say, “Goodbye, Tarkaan”


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