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A Warrior in Action

Practice Grounds


You find yourself on a pretty, grassy lawn that runs along the north side of Cair Paravel’s main tower.  Most of it has been trampled quite a bit by feet and hooves of various sizes, as it’s been used as a training field for Cair Paravel’s resident knights.  There are a number of flagstone paths, though, that run around the perimeter toward some outbuildings.  There is a stable to the north, a wide, stocky watchtower to the northeast, and to the distant east at the end of the peninsula, the naval pier is being constructed. You can see the ocean beyond, stretching out in its twinkly blueness toward the horizon.  There isn’t much of a beach that you can detect from here, though.

A door in the north tower leads back into the castle.


You can go: Enter the Tower Yard <NE>, Toward the Stable <N>, Enter the North Tower <W>

Mateo is sat by the edge of the field, he’s sipping some water from a water skin. On his lap is a wooden practice sword. He looks as if he’s just been practicing.

Deonyc comes walking from the tower to the north east, he is carrying a staff heading towards the practice grounds

Chlamash makes his way into the training grounds surveying those practicing and those in combat, and nodding to a few familiar faces.

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The Fate of Teebeth


,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],


You stand in a surprisingly long, quiet room that runs the length of this side of Cair Paravel’s west wing.  The room is narrow in shape, and thus appears to be more of a long, unusually wide corridor.  Someone has constructed a series of shelves along the north wall, under tiny windows that let in only enough light to see by.  Torchwicks line the south wall that can be lit for additional illumination, and under them sit several wooden tables and accompanying benches.

The floors are bare, so your footfalls send hollow-sounding echoes through the marble walls.  There are archways at the southeast and west ends of the room — the west archway leading into the northwest tower, and the southeast archway leading into the common gallery.


,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],

You can go: Common Gallery <SE>, Northwest Tower <W>

Mateo is sat at a table at the library, he is reading a book which appears to be on the various peoples of Narnia.

Chlamash enters the Library and nods his greeting to the Librarian as he passes. He heads towards a nearby table with a book that seems to be about ancient Narnian history before the winter. It has quite a weathered look to it.

Mateo looks up at the sound of footsteps and stands, giving the entering Tarkaan a bow.

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Nobility in the Gardens

Central Garden


You can easily discern this as the center of the royal gardens – a great fountain decorates the courtyard’s center point. It is a scuplture of a grand lion, standing over the water’s edge. This lion is not insignifigant though – it is an artist’s tribute to the ruler of all Narnia, and a portrait of a noble character.

At all four points of the compass a paved path leads to the corners of the courtyard, North, East, South and West. To the east lies the entrance to the grand hall of Cair Paravel, and to the west, the gates of the castle. North and South lead to flower gardens, where one might sit for a spell.

The sides of the paths here are lines with decorative posts and ribbons, leading from east to west to form an aisle (going delicately around the fountain). It appears that the garden to the east has been set up for some kind of ceremony.


You can go: North End of the Courtyard <N>, South End of the Courtyard <S>, Royal Gardens <E>, To the west courtyard <W>

Mateo is sat at one of the benches in the garden, he has a small, somewhat complicated looking instrument perched on his knee and he’s playing a merry little tune, seemingly to pass time time as it’s not particularly recognisable.

Avery is walking through the garden, appearing to be in deep thought. Her hands are clasped in front of her, fingers entwined. When she gets closer, she realizes there is music playing and searches for the source.

Mateo pauses the playing a little, clicking one of the keys with a slight frown before continuing, trying to avoid the misbehaving key.

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