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Mateo’s Day Off (A Guided Tour)

The Beach, at Stormness


You stand on a jutting peninsula that overlooks the sea.  Below you, a low, rocky cliff angles downward at odd angles into the water, where waves crash on jagged spars jutting up in all directions.  It’s a pretty view, but not much for diving.

To the west, the dense forests of the Great Woods of Narnia rise up in a great, leafy mass.  You almost cannot see any way into it.


The boat that had made ground was a small one, the kind of boat that could be comfortably sailed by one or two people. Currently, Mateo is sat on a rock on the beach, carefully looking over a navigational chart to ensure he was in the right place.

Up on the rock overhang, Crenna watches the boat sail in. She begins to make her descent down to greet the newcomer. She seems much more at home here than in the city, walking confidently along the sand. She calls out, “Captain Mateo?”

Mateo chuckles, “I suppose I must be for this little thing! You must be Crenna?”

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