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Wolves, Women and Travel Plans

Road to Cair Paravel


This is a dirt road leading east and west along the narrow peninsula that extends from the Narnian mainland to the castle of Cair Paravel. The ground below is earth mixed with sand from the beaches that stretch both north and south from here. The road climbs gradually up a hill as it moves east, and at the top stands Cair Paravel in all its turreted splendor against the open sky. To the west is the center of Sted Cair, the small town which has grown up next to the heart of Narnia.


You can go: Beach <N>, Beach <S>, The Gates of Cair Paravel <E>, Town Square <W>

Lanisen keeps moving, aiming for the town.

A wolf with piercing eyes and a scar along her shoulder pads along the road, ears flicking this way and that.

Mateo walks up the road from the direction of the town, he seems to be heading towards the Castle.

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