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Friendly Bout

Practice Grounds


You find yourself on a pretty, grassy lawn that runs along the north side of Cair Paravel’s main tower.  Most of it has been trampled quite a bit by feet and hooves of various sizes, as it’s been used as a training field for Cair Paravel’s resident knights.  There are a number of flagstone paths, though, that run around the perimeter toward some outbuildings.  There is a stable to the north, a wide, stocky watchtower to the northeast, and to the distant east at the end of the peninsula, the naval pier is being constructed. You can see the ocean beyond, stretching out in its twinkly blueness toward the horizon.  There isn’t much of a beach that you can detect from here, though.

A door in the north tower leads back into the castle.


Mateo is taking the opportunity of some quiet time to do a bit of sword drill, he uses a wooden training sword and occasionally strikes at a dummy that’s been set up.

Deonyc is doing his usual stretches before he goes into actual training and has various practice weapons set up, once he is done he does some stance drills with a partner

Mateo happens to catch sight of Deonyc and pauses, waiting for a break in Deonyc’s training before calling out, “Hello there”

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