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Chat in the Gardens

Infirmary Garden


You stand in a corner of the gardens where the courtyard meets the castle’s walls, just outside the door to the Castle Apothecary.  The Royal Garden here is dominated by a variety of plants known for their healing properties, including small shrubs of blackberries, various wildflowers and assorted herbs.

The plants are well-tended and the walk is quite aromatic! Beneath your feet is a decorative path which leads south and west away from the walls. South leads to the door to the Great Hall, West leads along the wall and further into the garden, in the general direction of the main gates of Cair Paravel.


You can go: Into the Infirmary <E>, North Side of the Courtyard <W>, Stroll along the path <S>

Lanisen sits on a bench with his back to an old twisting yew tree, eating a handful of cherries and reading a book. The book is a different one from the one he was reading yesterday, this one bound up in green cloth.

Mateo walks through the garden, pausing in the middle to look around, he has a slightly lost expression.

Lanisen glances up alertly. He doesn’t call out, but waits to see if the other man is actually lost or just wandering.

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Trees Talk?


,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],


You stand in a surprisingly long, quiet room that runs the length of this side of Cair Paravel’s west wing.  The room is narrow in shape, and thus appears to be more of a long, unusually wide corridor.  Someone has constructed a series of shelves along the north wall, under tiny windows that let in only enough light to see by.  Torchwicks line the south wall that can be lit for additional illumination, and under them sit several wooden tables and accompanying benches.


The floors are bare, so your footfalls send hollow-sounding echoes through the marble walls.  There are archways at the southeast and west ends of the room — the west archway leading into the northwest tower, and the southeast archway leading into the common gallery.


,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],

You can go: Common Gallery <SE>, Northwest Tower <W>

Mateo enters the library, taking a curious look around- the sort one gives when entering a new place for the first time- though on spotting Oren he gives a respectful bow, “Your Grace”

Oren looks up. “Good morning Mateo. Been exploring the castle?

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