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The Lion and The Winter

Sted Cair Town Square


You stand in the middle of Sted Cair’s Town Square, the social hub of the township.  All around you the citizens of Sted Cair are enjoying the fine weather as they travel through, going about their daily business.

The square itself is somewhat parklike, dominated in the center by a large grey marble statue of Aslan.  The lion is seated and looks toward the east where Cair Paravel stands and his own land lies far beyond the ocean.  His expression, while impressive, is neither menacing nor sedate.  Instead, it simply looks majestic.  A plaque underneath the statue simply reads, “Aslan”.

Streets lead in all four directions out of the square. There are buildings at each corner as well.  To the northeast is the Explorer’s shop, and the Fruit Market sits under an impressive pavillion to the northwest.  The Satyr’s Hoof Tavern lies to the southwest, and Grumich’s Pawnshop is southeast.


You can go: Fruit Market <NW>, North <N>, Explorer’s Shop <NE>, Pawnbroker <SE>, Road to Cair Paravel <E>, South Road <S>, West Road <W>, Tavern <SW>

Mateo is sat at the base of the statue, he is watching the bustle of the square- all the passing assorted animals- with every sign of interest.

A centaur with dark serious eyes comes along the pathway from the road to the arena and sparring grounds, his hoofs clip-cloping against the stone of the pathway.

Mateo’s eyes are drawn towards the centaur, he watches with great interest as he passes.

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